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Configuring cleaning slots on the library may affect the host application.Quantum Corporation may revise this publication from time to time without notice.

See why Quantum is the market share leader in tape automation with fast, easy and reliable products like the Scalar® i500 intelligent tape library platform.The paragraphs following Figure 5 describe the components in detail.

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It is seen correctly in the "scsi inquiry' the GUI shows the scalar 500 and the. and check if the slot map is. ADIC Scalar i500 media not seen by Commvault.Quantum Scalar i500 82 Slots Tape Library. Quantum's Scalar i500 is the intelligent library platform that gives growing midrange storage environments faster.For example, all tape cartridges in the library must have a barcode label.Squeeze the handle of the Y-rail release mechanism, lift it, and release it so that it locks into place.

Using a SCSI terminator instead of a module terminator will damage the library. a Using the module terminators, terminate the top and bottom modules in the library stack.This topic focuses on using the library user interface, not the host application, to unload tape drives.Page 357: Ethernet Hub Port Leds On The Lcb, Servicing The Lcb Based On Led Status.Without tape drives, tape cartridges, or power Warning: supplies, a control module weighs approximately 58 lbs.Tape drive log information can be used to help troubleshoot library and tape drive issues.For contact information, see Getting More Information or Help The Setup Wizard is an aid to assist you with the initial configuration of the library.

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Restoring the Library Configuration and Library Firmware page 345.Page 175: Deleting Advanced Reporting Data, Saving And E-mailing Advanced Reporting Data.

Quantum Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 User’s Guide iii. Configuring Cleaning Slots. (Scalar i40 and Scalar i80).You can access the appropriate screens, but you cannot apply changes while another administrative user is performing the same operation.Page 294: Replacing The Lcb While Retaining The Old Compact Flash Card.WWPN (World Wide Port Name) address for each port on an FC-connected device.

For further assistance, or if training is desired, contact Quantum: Global Call Handling For additional contact information:.Time required to complete the Tour is five minutes per module.Number of Mail Slots: 30 Recording Method: Linear Serpentine Scalability: 10 x Drive, 225 x Slot. Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library - 0 x Drive/36 x Slot.This section describes several features of Scalar i500 libraries.This topic focuses on using the library user interface, not the host application, to load tape drives.QUANTUM CORPORATION Systems by category 3.4b Last updated:28/01/2014 Group 3.0 Tape libraries 3.4B Small. Quantum Scalar i500 46-slot License Key, field upgrade.

Adding Expansion Modules to an Existing Library 3 Remove the rack ears that fasten the module to the rack. 4 Loosen the thumbscrews located at the base of the front and rear of the module.Quantum Scalar i500 LTO Tape libraries provide up to 2.5 Petabytes of data backup when using LTO-6 tape drives and achieving 2.5:1 compression.You can also access the Cleaning Slot Co nfiguration screens directly on the oper ator panel and Web client.Page 62: Chapter 3 Configuring Your Library, About The Setup Wizard.DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network.Save the cover plate in case the redundant power supply needs to be removed at a later date.Chapter 7 Installing, Removing, and Replacing Permanently Removing Expansion Modules From an Existing Library Thumbscrews (behind doors) 5 Loosen the two thumbscrews located at the base of the back of the module.Quantum Scalar i500 - Tape library - slots: 36 - no tape drives - max drives: 10 - rack-mountable - 23U - bar code reader. Highest Price: $13,469.99; PCM Price: NA.Before loading a cartridge into the library, make sure that the write-protect switch is positioned correctly (either on or off).

In addition, user names (uid) and passwords (userPassword) must be created using lowercase characters to be compatible with the library.Make your choice and select Next The IVT test cannot be performed from the web client.Buy a Quantum Scalar i500 23U Base Library, 36 activated slots or other Tape Automation Devices at technical support contact information, More Information or Help on page 8.Product Family: Scalar i500; Number of Cartridge Slots: 133.The Unload Drive operation allows you to unload a cartridge from a tape drive to a storage slot.Working With Control Paths default control paths and how to change them.Page 291: Removing And Replacing The Library Control Blade And Lcb Compact Flash Card.Page 83: Deleting Partitions Before Removing Or Replacing Modules.

Page 108: About Local User Accounts, Creating Local User Accounts.The number of available pre-activated slots begins at 41 for all library configurations and increases in 46-slot increments to a maximum of 409 slots in the 41U library configuration.In the event that the control path connection to the host application fails, you can select a new control path for the partition.Page 365: Viewing The Ivt Logs, Saving And E-mailing The Ivt Logs.QUANTUM CORPORATION Systems by category 3.2b. Scalar i500 (SYSTEM B). Quantum Scalar i500 46-slot License Key,.The Setup Wizard default configurat i on settings incl ude zero dedicated cleaning slots.

Buy Quantum Scalar i80 Library with One IBM LTO-5 Tape Drive (50 Slots, Fibre Channel) featuring 50 Active Tape Slots, Supports LTO-5, LTO-6, & LTO-7 Drives RJ-45.You will find the same navigation buttons on the Library View as on the Capacity View.Page 162: Chapter 5 Getting Information, Viewing Information About The Scalar I500.

Fast Same Day Shipping. 0 x Drive/36 x SlotLSC55-BSYS-024N. The Scalar i500 is the intelligent library platform that gives growing midrange storage environments.ADIC Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library De-Installation. ADIC Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library De-Installation Removal. ADIC I/E Lock Assembly for Scalar I500.

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