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This section of the card games site is devoted to new games played with existing cards.A Gin Rummy variant played with exposed stock cards, contributed by Daniel Friedman.The Casino Royale. Share | This. it’s filled with 5 classic games secured in the case with a high-quality lock. Checkers, Dominoes, Cribbage, 8 dices and 2.

A two handed adaptation of the traditional game Crazy Eights by Donald G Keller and Michael Keller.An unusual two-player trick-taking game, contributed by Bill Hurn.A game for three or more players by Jacob Soener in which players aim to collect the best sets and sequences of odd cards by drawing, discarding and trading.A trick-taking card game for 3-5 players by Alex Raulli in which the object is to win tricks containing threes.Players take turns to add cards to a tally pile, aiming either to make exactly 20 or to get as far beyond 20 as possible.A straightforward game by William Malloy in which players race to make pairs from cards in their hands.

A President variation with auctioning of cards, contributed by Nathan Hedt.A two-player game of speed by Sam G: players get rid of cards by spottoing matched pairs in an array of cards.A negative version of cribbage, contributed by Dave and Jeff.A trick-taking game by Bob Myers in which the main aim is to capture sets of cards that add up to 13.A Contract Rummy variation inspired by the commercial game Phase 10, contributed by Aaron Barnhart.

A tirck-taking game for 4 or 3 players by Rob Rutherford in which the black tens are penalty cards.Tiles are played in a street grid pattern, the aim being to complete enclosed blocks.Each trick consists of four cards, one of each suit, and is won by the last player who keeps the total value of the cards played to 17 or less.A trick-taking game with a hierarchy of trump suits and bonuses for tricks containing cards that add up to five.Find job opportunities in Edmonton: career and employment opportunities, part time jobs and more on Kijiji, Canada's #1 Local Classifieds.A two-player game by Abbi Pittman in which players take turns to capture sets of three cards which satisfy an arithmetic equation.A golf simulation for two players, using a double 12 domino set, by Andrew Fischer.A poker variation in which players use their own 3 cards plus two of the cards exposed by other players to make up their hand.

A draw and discard game based on Poker combinations, by Jared McComb.A card game for 2 or more players from the Rinkworks Pips collection by Samuel and Jacob H.A game for 2-3 players by Alan Ackroyd, in which the playable dominoes are restricted by a throw of three dice.A combat game for three or more players, contributed by Romain Tello.It is surprisingly hard to write out the rules of a game in a way that can easily be understood by a reader who has not seen it played.A shedding game by Aaron Hopewell, in which the difference in value between two cards determines what cards can be played next.A draw and discard game in which each player tries to complete a contract of their choice, by Justin Huneke.

A game by Nathaniel Meadow based on the structure of Texas Holdem Poker but with cards used for betting as well as for making hands, the object being to win cards to add to your deck as in War.A game by David Parlett, something like Hearts, except that before the play begins, each player independently chooses which suit to avoid.An ingenious trick taking game, in which the winning of tricks is based on poker hands, contributed by Gabriel Schwartz.Get this from a library! The big book of rules: board games, kids'games, card games, from backgammon and bocce to tiddlywinks and stickball. [Stephanie Spadaccini.

The web site contains some ready-made card designs that can be used, and the players can cards of their own invention or design a whole new deck from scratch.A two-player trick and trump game by Robin Taylor, in which the trump suit and card ranking can be changed whenever a trick is won by the opponent of the player who led to it.A variation by Bill Perkins of his card game Squaressi in which players simultaneously play a game of dominoes, the dominoes controlling the number of cards drawn from the stock.Four three-player versions of the classic game Barbu, contributed by Noel Leaver, Don Lagosz-Sinclair, Mark Brader and David Smith.A two-player trick-taking card game by Matthew Shields, in which players can score bonus points by exposing combinations before the play.A draw and discard game in which the aim is to make a poker hand, contributed by C2K.

A reversed Spades variation in which players try to avoid taking tricks, contributed by Paul Edwards.A two-player hockey game with cards designed by Craig Bednar.

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A two-player game with open cards by Bogart Salzberg, in which players swap pairs of cards to achieve an array satisfying certain arithmetical 2.0.4 ( is a bilingual (french/english) cribbage card game. Play crib against the computer or online with a friend over TCP/IP.A self-working game by Katie Adams, in which cards are captured by turning a card that is not more than two away from the first card played.

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